Integrated Applications

What is Moodle LMS?

Moodle is the most popular Learning Management System in the world. It is also quite customizable and extendable.  We support direct integration to Moodle LMS from the SIMS platform, so students created in SIMS can also access Moodle with the same credentials. 

What is EduSocial?

Our integration of Social Media capabilities into the Learning Management System to encourage interaction between students. Can be paired with a Mobile App for unrestricted interaction between students. 
What is Past Questions?
Improve student performance with our custom question & answer web portal. 
What are Forms?
Our custom Form server allows for the creation of forms of any type for the institution. 
What is Click To Call Telephony?
Custom Telephony platform allows Applicants to click a button and have an Admissions Officer call them automatically.  
Why Video Conference?
Allow remote interaction with students that are not in the same geographical region. Also allow for Guest lecturers to remotely give or participate in a lecture. 
What is a Video Portal?
Expand the learning experience by introducing video to your students. Capture and Host lecture videos for delivery to local and remote students. Monetise your videos for Distance Learning. 
What is Document Management?
Save money and the environment with a paper-less institution by integrating our Document and School Management solutions. 
What is Business Intelligence?
Gain insights from your business and student data through the Integration of a robust Business Intelligence solution. BI helps with business decisions.